I love everything about computer programming, data analysis, debugging and problem solving. 10 years of professional experience lets me happily work on the front-end, back-end or both. I currently specialize in full-stack PHP/MySQL web application development, but I've also released 8 Android apps and done enough work in Java, Python and other languages to be dangerous. Data, automation and machine learning are particular interests. I’m a puzzle solver and do my best work digging deep into complicated problems.

Outside of work, I frequently code for my own amusement and have written bots to play Boggle, Scrabble, Tetris and Poker (that's not even the dorky stuff). I've occasionally been known to indulge in screen-scraping to satisfy my curiosity about a range of topics from stock picks and baseball stats to apartment prices and job listings. When I do get off the computer, it's usually to go bicycling or rock climbing.

On paper, I'm a pretty smart cookie. Back in 2001-2005, I earned both my Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science in just 4 years. Whoop-dee-do. Fortunately, CS is a useful degree, because I'm not too bright when it comes to other things.

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