An Easy Munin PHP Plugin

I've been playing sysadmin lately, which is not my favorite thing in the world. Anyway, while trying to read up a bit on monitoring, I came across Munin - one of those apps I've heard of but never really gotten around to investigating properly. Well, it is pretty darn cool - and …

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A Fun Little Boggle Solver

Back in high school, I played A LOT of WordRacer (the Yahoo Games version of Boggle). After taking computer programming courses in college, it seemed fun to write a little program that would automatically solve those puzzles by finding every word. So here's a little python program that does exactly …

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Finding Anagrams with Python

Here's a little python program that finds anagrams. I knocked it together real quick one night while my cousin was playing an online anagram game by using code from a Boggle solver I had written previously.

Not much to it. It just reads in a dictionary and runs a little …

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Making My Own Chartbeat Wordpress Plugin

Instead of doing something useful this morning, I made my own little plugin using the Chartbeat API to display the most popular posts on a Wordpress blog.

Note: There is really no reason to do this. The Chartbeat Plugin does this exact same thing and more. However, it was an …

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Fetching Android Market Status with Selenium RC

Finally.. I've got a reasonably decent way to pull Android Market stats. For some reason I keep coming back to this topic. This time, the way forward is to use Selenium RC, part of the Selenium browser testing suite.

My example will be in Python, but Selenium has bindings for …

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Batch Extacting MP3s from Videos

Last night I wanted to extract audio tracks from a number of YouTube videos that I'd downloaded using youtube-dl. Being only a so-so shell scripter, I've always resorted to ugly for-loops when manipulating multiple files. This invariably ends badly when my loop improperly handles whitespace and mangles the filenames.

No …

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A Few Cool Videos from Google Tech Talks

I keep meaning to find some interesting podcasts and online lectures. There's a ton of material out there, but so much of it sucks. Anyway, browsing the topic "What are the best Google Tech Talks" on Stackoverflow, I found the following, which I now link for your viewing pleasure:


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Collaborative Filtering, Hadoop and the Hazards of Copy-Paste

I've been working on a new App idea lately - a recommender for Android programs. Basically, it looks at what you have installed (and possibly ratings) and recommends other applications you might like by using the recommendations of other people in the same way as Amazon or the various music services …

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Extending Android's Chronometer to get Elapsed Time

In revamping one of my Games on the Android Market, I wanted to add an onscreen timer. The built-in Chronometer class does 95% of what I needed, but getting that extra 5% was annoying enough that I decided to post my solution.

The OOTB Chronometer keeps tracks of time, but …

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More Reasons I Love Python

I was cleaning up some folders the other day at work where the files had been named using one of several naming schemes (or a few with no particular scheme at all). After brief consideration, I decided to do the legwork of renaming all the files with a naming scheme …

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