Paying for E-books

WARNING: This article features ANCIENT code! I'm keeping it online because it's interesting to see what I was thinking 10+ years ago. But you DEFINITELY should not be using this code. Anything you're reading about on this page has changed significantly since this was written.

Picked up a couple of really fun looking ebooks from O'Reilly's 50%-off Cyber Monday Sale. It does feel weird to pay for something that's so easy to get for free, but at half-off, the prices were almost reasonable.

I'm mostly excited about this one: 21st Century C - so many tutorials and explanations that you find on the internet are out of date. This is especially the case for a 40-year old language, but is also true for newer languages that are under active development. So the book's goal is to present "the right way to write C in 2012" with good tooling and libraries. Based on my very, very basic knowledge of C, I'm skeptical whether it has anything to offer in productivity over languages like Python, but we'll find out.

Three other books that I'm also excited about: Python for Data Analysis, MapReduce Design Patterns, and Bad Data Handbook