More Reasons I Love Python


I was cleaning up some folders the other day at work where the files had been named using one of several naming schemes (or a few with no particular scheme at all). After brief consideration, I decided to do the legwork of renaming all the files with a naming scheme that actually makes sense:

That way, the files will stay grouped together if they get copied around to other folders, and they sort alphabetically by date. Then there's the task for regenerating all the HTML for these baddies. Happily, Python was up to the task:

import os
from datetime import date
files = os.listdir("Path\\To\\File")
for file in files:
    # chop the prefix, chop the suffix, split into (year, month, date), convert to int
    x = [int(x) for x in file.split("_")[-1][:-4].split('-')]
    print "<li><a href=\"/path/to/%s\">%s</a></li>" % (file, date(x[0], x[1], x[2]).strftime('%B %d, %Y'))

Well, it's nothing like the real pros can do. But you gotta love a few links of code that save your fingers from a repetitive and typo-prone task like manually editing hundreds of links.